Tuesday 28 August 2018

The Darkest Legacy

The Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken (HarperCollins Publishers) PB RRP $17.99 ISBN: 9781460756362

Reviewed by Dannielle Viera

For 17-year-old Suzume ‘Zu’ Kimura, it was as if ‘the past suddenly grew teeth’. The fragile acceptance of Psi kids like her that she had worked so hard to maintain had literally blown up in her face. Falsely accused of causing the deadly explosion – and on the run with two cagey Psi, who have their own agenda – Zu must wade through the mire of misery, mistrust and misinformation to discover the horrifying truth hidden in the shadows.

Aimed at teens 13 years and up, The Darkest Legacy follows on from Alexandra Bracken’s bestselling The Darkest Minds trilogy. Those who have read the original YA series will enjoy a deeper connection to the latest book, as they comprehend more completely the references to people, places and events from the series. However, the heart-pounding immediacy that Alexandra weaves throughout the action in The Darkest Legacy ensures that readers who are new to the world of the Psi – and their powerful mental abilities – will be carried along on the physical and emotional journey taken by Zu and her companions.

Evocative phrases pepper the text like bullets, drawing readers in to the ‘audible fire’ of the story. We feel every spine tingle and pulse thrum along with Zu, quickly becoming invested in the outcome of her odyssey. Meaningful memories successfully entwine with edge-of-your-seat exploits, and Alexandra uses clever dialogue to both define her characters and create dramatic tension. The ending is surprisingly satisfying, while also leaving the literary door ajar for the next instalment in this mesmerising series.

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