Saturday 18 August 2018

Ziggy’s Zoo

Ziggy’s Zoo by Pat Simmons illustrated by Vicky Pratt (Little Pink Dog Books) HB RRP $24.95 ISBN: 978-0-9946269-05

Reviewed by Lucinda Gifford

"Ziggy's creating her very own zoo. She wants to find ten exhibits. What will they be?"

This is a clever, simple and fun book idea suitable for readers aged 4 to 7 years. In Ziggy's Zoo, young Ziggy creates her own zoo from the creatures she finds in the garden – as well as from some of her favourite toys and people.

Written in rhyme, the text is poetic, rhythmic and enjoyable. I really liked the way that Ziggy forages in the garden, handles the scuttling bugs and oozy slugs with confidence and creates her own zoo map. She's a great role model!

Ziggy's Zoo is an excellent book for inspiring children to get out into the garden or to explore the park and will be a useful tool in kinder and early primary school as part of a nature activity. The illustrations, by Vicky Pratt, are particularly accomplished when it comes to bugs and nature. Pratt's joyful colours, detailed bugs and flowers, and strong sense of rhythm and pattern really bring the garden to life. I do hope to see Pratt's illustrations in an insect or nature anthology soon!

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