Friday 2 November 2018


The anthology Shakespeare Now! contains all three novels: The Trytth Chronicles (The Tempest), Gap Year Nanny (Macbeth), and Changing History? (Romeo and Juliet)

Did you struggle with Shakespeare when you were at school? Or are you a teacher battling students’ disinterest and spending too much valuable time translating?
I taught secondary English for twenty five years, so I have experienced all this.

Here are new adaptations of three well known plays aimed at young adults 15+.
But instead of the all-male 17th century actors and 17th century colloquial language, they have been replaced with feisty young women in recognisable contemporary settings. The concept is to show how these characters and plots still hold significance and relevance for students today. And that might lead them on to go back and read the originals.

The three novels include:
 GAP YEAR NANNY (MACBETH) set in present day Melbourne.
Alongside Merri’s slow coming of age as nanny, we follow Stuart Macbeth’s rise and fall in the corporate world from Merri's perspective as she discovers there are other ways of destroying rivals apart from murder.

THE TRYTTH CHRONICLES.  (THE TEMPEST) science fiction. After Prospero destroys a small space-ship owned by his brother Alonso, and Miranda and Ferdie fall in love, Ariel and the young couple are kidnapped by Caliban and flown to the dangerous planet of Trytth. The story continues on from the original play.

CHANGING HISTORY? (ROMEO AND JULIET) A time-warp set in 21st Century Melbourne and 1928 Berlin. When Melbourne based Taylor, finds herself in 1928 Berlin, she befriends Juliet and Rom who can’t marry because of their differing religions. Meanwhile, knowing what the future holds, Taylor tries to stop the world heading into the second world war. But can one really change history?

The publisher is They can be contacted on  0298389265

These books are available at all Readings bookshops and can be ordered from others.
Prices: RRP $16.95. Or $34.95 for ‘SHAKESPEARE NOW!’ Or as an ANTHOLOGY containing all three novels.

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