Tuesday 16 April 2019

In the shadow of an Elephant

In the shadow of an Elephant by Georgie Donaghey &, illustrated by Sandra Severgnini (Little Pink Dog Books) PB RRP $24.95
ISBN 978-0-6-482563-1-1

Review by Wendy Haynes

Georgie Donaghey has delivered a moving story that explores love, loss, friendship, and trust. Though this story is for five to six year olds, it could be used as an aid in middle primary when dealing with the sensitive issues of life and death.

The story takes you to the African Savannah where Lualani a baby elephant is ripped away from her mother’s side one dark night. Poachers scare the herd leaving Lualani calling for her mother. It informs those new to reading about the harshness of life in a gentle way.

Lualani is frightened and extremely sad, but she is not alone for long. A boy Jabari and his Papa find her, and through, empathy, understanding, patience, and perseverance earn the trust of Lualani. A strong friendship forms and both Jabari and Lualani over many years learn from each other.

The story brings you full circle when Jabari’s papa passes, and now Lualani is the one to help Jabari through his saddest moments.

The story is added to with the delightful artwork by Sandra Severgnini showing the reader the beauty of Africa and evoking the nature of the emotions that are felt throughout the story.

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