Friday 10 May 2019

Squish Rabbit's Pet

Reviewed by Claire Stuckey

Squish rabbit is little, but he has lots and lots of big dreams. Many of his dreams include sharing fun with his friend Twitch.  But most of all Squish dreams about a pet puppy. Twitch comes to the rescue with a beautifully stitched cloth puppy but, pretend pets are just not the same. Finding a lonely egg Squish cares for the egg day and night waiting and playing patiently. Expecting a puppy Squish is surprised when Twitch explains there will be no puppy. After some thought Squish decides he will love his new pet whatever it is. 

This is another lovely, funny and thoughtful story in the Squish rabbit series. Katherine Battersby has combined a great theme so relevant to many children with messages of friendship, caring and acceptance. The illustrations once again in the series are simple but full of movement and feeling. A lovely picture book for preschoolers at home or for a group setting.

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