Tuesday 9 July 2019


Buzz Words reader, Libby Hathorn, has a new book published by Lothian.

Inspired by events in Miles Franklin's life, Miss Franklin is told by multi-award-winning author Libby Hathorn and acclaimed illustrator Phil Lesnie and includes a facts page about Stella Miles Franklin. It was launched at the State Library last month.

This is a story about iconic Australian writer Stella Miles Franklin, namesake of two major literary prizes, during her brief but formative time as a governess in rural New South Wales. Teenager Stella Miles Franklin must work to help support her family. Stella longs for the freedom and excitement of city life. While working, she meets a young orphan girl, Imp, who is almost as feisty as Stella herself, and who spurs the older girl to follow her dreams.

For more information, free writing tips and teaching resources, go to www.libbyhathorn.com 

See Libby’s inspiration and process for this book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxxt4UpqbvY&t=66s

For further information please contact Amy Dobson (Hachette) on 02 8248 0821 email: amy.dobson@hachette.com.au

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