Wednesday 17 July 2019

Helping the Orangutan Outreach

As you will have seen on Facebook and the Little Pink Dog Books website, Kathy Creamer has written a new picture book (The Big Old Rambutan Tree) and the entire profits will be donated to support the conservation work of Orangutan Outreach based in the USA.

This is Kathy’s third book aimed at conserving orangutans and follows previous books entitled My Cousin, Ah Meng (Singapore, 1998) and The Old Man of The Forest (UK, 2002). Both these books raised considerable funds in their host country for orangutan conservation.

As with the earlier books, Kathy has donated all her time and the funds raised via the following crowd funding initiative (below) will support the printing of the book. Link to the Indigogo Crowd Funding Site:

With such a global campaign, it is important to be able to bring such a project to the attention of the maximum number of people.

You are therefore asked if you could support the project by sharing the link on our LPDB Facebook page with as much of your network as you are comfortable to do so.

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