Friday 17 January 2020

Little Unicorn: Ten Minutes to Bed

Little Unicorn: Ten Minutes to Bed by Rhiannon Fielding, illustrated by Chris Chatterton (Ladybird Books) HB RRP $14.99 ISBN 9780241408339

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

This is a larger board book for children aged 3 to 6-years, the second in a Ten Minutes to Bed series, the other being Little Mermaid. This book starts with something I loved to see in books as a child – a double-page spread showing the geography in which the story is set. There’s an ancient forest, an emerald green, a deadly creek, even a giants’ town and more. The pages sign with colour which is bright greens, blues and mauves.

Onto the story… With glittery feet and a sparkly horn, Twinkle the naughty unicorn (like so many naughty children), does not want to go to bed; she ‘was not tired at all.’ There’s a countdown from Daddy as Twinkle causes ‘a bit of riot’, dancing and prancing around. She dashes about, chasing pixies and sprites and fairies and then meets a hairy troll and then spots a baby dragon. She’s certainly making every moment before bedtime count. But – oh no! – she’s now forgotten how to get home! Of course, the way home is via a rainbow, and smart little Twinkle works to conjure one.

By bedtime Twinkle is – of course -- fast asleep in the Land of Nod. The last double-page spread is the same as the first, but the vibrant colours of the first have transformed to dark blues and mauves: it’s night-time of course!

This is a clever and charming book for Mums and Dads to read to their young children just before bedtime. It’s sure to be enjoyed by the reader and the read-to!

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