Tuesday 10 March 2020

The Wind and The Mouse

The Wind and The Mouse by Michelle Worthington, Adyna Ferre (Daisy Lane Publishing) RRP $16.99 ISBN 9780648699873

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

The Wind and The Mouse is a book that helps young children with anxiety understand and cope with change. This book is part of the Willing Kids Program and has an accompanying sensory friendly animation (Https://youtu.be/T3-iYtJ14vk). The Willing Kids Program was created by Georgia Phillips and Kym Haynes. The Wind and The Mouse is based upon the topic that Change is uncomfortable. There are four more books in this series.

Michelle has taken great care with this story and the needs of the children who will be reading and experiencing it. I particularly enjoyed that the book links to the Seasons and how each has a purpose and a place in our world. Little Mouse didn’t want things to change. The wind spoke to her with scent and warmth and helped Little Mouse see that the world changed, and it was wonderful. A child can then see that change can’t be stopped and that it is okay.

The sentences paint vivid images that are clear and precise. This is important for children who suffer from anxiety. The cycle of nature and how all the plants and animals and elements work together is gently shared. Michelle has used rhyme throughout the text, and this adds beautifully to the flow and pace of the story.

Adyna has used soft blues and greens and browns that are subtle and allow space on the pages. The animals are endearing and friendly. I love the simplicity of the illustrations that allow the characters to shine. The swirling lines depict the movement of the wind as warm and friendly.

This is a story that will be enjoyed by children 3-8 years and the sensory animation is a delightful accompaniment. It will be well received by children that are part of the Willing Kids Program.

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