Thursday 30 April 2020

Fox and Chook Creative Activity Pack

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of something I've been working on as an author for the last couple of weeks with my friend, the fabulous illustrator Kathy Creamer:  the Fox and Chook Creative Activity Pack for kids, families, schools  and libraries. Lots of writing, discussion, discovery and art activities in the one fabulous pack, presented as a full colour PDF and free to download and use, till September 30. 

We are delighted that the pack also includes an activity centred around images from the amazing collections of our wonderful local art gallery, NERAM-New England Regional Art Museum.

 You can read more about it at this post on my blog, where you can access the pack as a downloadable PDF, and also at a permanent page at my presentation site, Sophie Masson Presents, where you will find both the full pack and a separate PDF containing the colouring-in pages by Kathy for ease of print-out.

 The pack was a lot of fun to create, as well as a lot of work :-) We hope that everyone enjoys it!

Best wishes to everyone, stay safe and well,
Sophie Masson

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