Tuesday 19 May 2020

Books by Hong Kong Authors

Title: Surprising Mrs Rhubarbson (English)
BlurbRoxy Rhubarbson is feeling sad for her mum. Mrs Rhubarbson takes care of the Old Tree Home animals all by herself. It's her birthday today. How can Roxy and her friends Marble Mangosteen and Shooz Starfruiter help plan a surprise for her mum? How can they show her she's special too?

This is the first book in the Marble Mangosteen's Good Deed Collection series. The series aims to inspire and instil good values in each book. For this book, some of the themes and values are as follows: teamwork, not taking others for granted, spending time with the elderly, caring for Mum, friendship and sharing (among others).
Amazon link for English versionhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B087FDQ3DK/ 

Title: Yani the Unicorn and the Day Mommy Went to the Moon
Blurb: Yani the Unicorn and the Day Mommy Went to the Moon is a book about the special bond every mother has with her child.  The book follows Yani through that special day when her mommy has to leave her for the first time. A relatable theme for families with working moms or parents. 

The book wants to convey the message that developing a deep mother-child connection can help our children feel safe and secure in their own little world while they explore life around them. It provides a valuable opportunity to build connection and assure our children that they are loved and that mommy always comes back.

Title: The Mother’s Day of Rock
BlurbJoin Sara and her pet goat, Nana, on an adventure as they search for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. What will Sara do when things don't go as planned? And will Sara's mother like her gift? Children, parents, and grandparents will enjoy reading this story with a special message about the love between a mother and child, and a love and respect for Mother Nature and the world we share.
Title: Mother Hen and Her Eggs
Author: Deeksha Palanna 
Blurb: A riveting and humorous story of a MOTHER HEN and her frantic search for her lost eggs
On a tip-off from a friendly BIRDIE, a MOTHER HEN races to retrieve her stolen eggs from the nest-robbers before it is too late. After a roller-coaster chase, a joyful surprise awaits her and the readers in the end.

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