Wednesday 3 June 2020

The Big Old Rambutan Tree

The Big Old Rambutan Tree by Kathy Creamer (Little Pink Dog Books)
Hardback, RRP $24.99 ISBN 9780648256373

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

The colour palette of this gorgeous picture book with endearing characters gives such warmth and delight to the friendship between a gentle orangutan, Ginger and Stripes, a helpless tiger cub. Kathy has created illustrations that show the delicate play of friendship between Ginger and Stripes. The endpapers feature the big old Rambutan tree, a meeting place of love where a friendship began and continued. The life and movement in the rainforest is shown with detail and a sense of fun.

This is a friendship with great risk for Ginger who wears her heart on her sleeve. Against the advice of the other Orangutans, Ginger teaches Stripes all she knows about the world so that he can learn to survive in the rainforest. When Stripes instinct for hunting appears and an appetite for fresh meat needs fulfilling the two friends must part company. Yet, once a deep friendship bond has been formed it remains forever and although time passes, they never forget about each other. When human development and the need for land creates a fire in the rainforest, Stripes returns the favour to Ginger as he leaps and saves her from the flames. And once again their treasured friendship returns.

This is a picture book for the 3-8-year age group that brings awareness and understanding to the plight of Orangutans and the threatened Sumatran rainforest with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to Orangutan Outreach. This book that also fits the school curriculum.

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