Saturday 18 July 2020


Pink by Margaret Wild and Judith Rossell, (Harper Collins), July 2020, HB RRP $24.99 ISBN: 9781460757499

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks
Pink is an adorable and endearing dinosaur that you can’t help but fall in love with. She is pink and pretty and sweet. But this doesn’t help Pink in her favourite game, Hide and Seek. Being pink means she’s always the first one to be found. Pink would much rather be brave and smart and not stand out from the crowd. Accepting who you are is hard when all you want to do is fit in.

But this changes when Pink follows the other dinosaurs as they play hide-and-seek and they all get terribly lost. Darkness is closing in and time is running out so Pink scrambles to the top of a hill. There she can easily be spotted and find help for her friends. Two of her wishes have come true. Will Pink’s wish to be able to play hide-and-seek without being found come true too?

Margaret Wild’s writing voice shines and she uses the power of three to great effect. Her word choices and dialogue are in all the right places. The page turns are delightful, and the pace and flow of the story allow the reader to fully enjoy and engage with the story. 

Judith Russell is a perfect choice as the illustrator. Her bright, lush green illustrations and splashes of yellow are paired with pink to great effect. The illustrations cleverly draw the eye to all the right places at all the right times. The double page spreads bring the world of the dinosaurs to life with the juicy green jungle as their playground. The expressions upon the dinosaur faces speak to the reader and light up their imagination.

Pink the picture book is created by an award-winning author and an award-winning illustrator. It is a winning combination. This gorgeous book is perfect for the 2-5 years age group.

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