Sunday 23 August 2020

Ready, Steady, Swim


Ready, Steady, Swim - Mermaid School Series No 2 by Lucy Courtney Illustrated by Sheena Dempsey (Andersen Press UK) ISBN 9781783449385 RRP $16.99 

Reviewed by Claire Stuckey

Marnie, Pearl and Orla are dismayed at the sudden arrival of a new and strict PE teacher. When he trains them hard for the Golden Glory sports day the girls try to win by fair means, but other teams are not so honest. Marnie’s aunt Christabel has a secret: does it relate to the missing Golden Glory Crown?  Will the girls find the crown and win through the various difficult and dangerous challenges on the big day? If the Golden Glory Crown is found, the winner gets to make a wish and who knows what that will be. 

This series is written for young girls who have mastered reading and want a fun chapter book that mixes the right amount of illustrations to compliment the story and often add humour to the text. The use of so many sea-related terms is amazing from tasting seafoam smoothies in the Galloping Scallop café to the grey nurse shark in sick bay. Parents reading along will enjoy the play on words and the message that cheats, and bullies don’t prosper. 

Recommended for children 8-10 years 

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