Wednesday 28 October 2020

Self-Help for Babies Whine Guide

Self-Help for Babies Whine Guide
written and illustrated by Beck and Matt Stanton (Harper Collins Publishers Australia & New Zealand) Hardback RRP $14.99 ISBN 978 0 733341151

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

This talented best-selling husband and wife team have created two books that are especially designed to help parents. The tongue in cheek humour is sure to appeal and the pun with the title Babies Whine Guide is clever. Beck and Matt Stanton have recognised that although there are many books on the market and lots of them are self-help, there are none for babies. Ta-dah, now there is. Both are creatives in their own right but they have worked together to fulfil their own needs as parents.

Who else is better to fill this hole then those that are in the midst of baby chaos? As parents of three children under seven, the joy and madness of living with babies is expressed with advice and humour. The illustrations and text work together seamlessly. The use of adult words with the soft pastel backgrounds and childlike illustrations immediately bring a smile. Parental advice is given for each type of baby whine.

For example: The Bubbly                                                                                                   An open-mouthed, gassy whine, requiring attention. Best Served with bicycle legs and a tummy massage.

As you may have guessed, Babies Whine Guide is about the different ways babies cry. The text and illustrations match the type of whine with parental tips. The illustrations depict the type of cry then the parenting solution. I like how the book ends with the fact that babies do create their own whines too and that sometimes you just have to find your own solution too.  As we all know babies continually throw things at us that only we can find a way to deal with.

This book is an ideal gift for a baby shower or for any parent or carer voyaging into the world of babies. It is sure to bring a smile and a glass of wine at times is a perfect match.




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