Thursday 31 December 2020


 Irma Gold is an award-winning author and editor of books for children and adults. She is the author of five picture books, Ambassador for the ACT Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge, and Ambassador for the Save Elephant Foundation. She is also the author of a short fiction collection, Two Steps Forward, and a novel, The Breaking. Irma is co-host of the new writing podcast, Secrets from the Green Room, sponsored by the ACT Writers Centre.

Here are two picture books she will have published in 2021:

Where the Heart Is: In 2011, Dindim the Magellanic penguin washed up on an island beach near Rio de Janeiro. He was rescued by a man called Joao, who nursed him back to health, and created a lifelong bond. Since then, Dindim has spent most of every year with Joao, leaving only to travel 8000 miles to the Patagonia coasts of Argentina and Chile. Where the Heart Is was inspired by this extraordinary true story.

Seree’s Story: A baby elephant named Seree is captured from the wild, taken from her family and put to work in the circus. All she wants is to find her mother again. The book was inspired by Irma's work rescuing elephants in Thailand, and as Ambassador for the Save Elephant Foundation, and reveals the realities of elephant tourism. 

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