Tuesday 15 December 2020


Feathers by Karen Hendriks, illustrated by Kim Fleming (Empowering Resources) RRP PB $17.00 ISBN 9781925592214

Reviewed by Kylie Buckley

Feathers is a tender story of love, loss and grief told through the eyes of a young child. A little boy believes that feathers are precious dream catchers. He trusts this belief because his late mother told him so. ‘Feathers help you capture good dreams and keep the bad ones away.’ When the young boy sees feathers floating gracefully above in the wind, he tries to catch one to ensure his dreams come true.

The soothing and gentle narrative is complemented by the soft colour palette of the pencil and watercolour illustrations. This book beautifully demonstrates the concept that symbols (such as feathers and stars) can be used to carry special meaning and bring comfort in times of sadness.

Feathers is a picture book suitable for children aged 3-8 years, particularly those who are mourning the loss of someone dear to them.


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