Wednesday 2 December 2020

League of Llamas – Undercover Llamas and Rogue Llama

League of Llamas –
Undercover Llamas and Rogue Llama by Aleesah Darlison (Penguin Random House) RRP $6.99 ISBN: 9781760894191 and 
ISBN: 9781760894207

Reviewed by Jeffery E Doherty

Undercover Llamas and Rogue Llama are books three and four in Aleesah Darlison’s League of Llamas series for children. Like the first two instalments, they are a fun, and punny mix of James Bond and Mission Impossible with a bumbling Get Smart spy twist. These two books take our heroes away from the Llama Republic to exotic locations like Chickenlovakia, Ratopia and Categonia.

Phillipe Llama has a magnificent fringe, which often distracts him from his duties as an agent of LOL, the League of Llamas. His partner Lloyd has an unfortunate eating disorder. He is unable to resist the temptation to eat everything in his path. Elloise Llamaresky, the third member of their team is stylish, elegant and unlike Phillipe and Lloyd, she is a competent spy.

In Undercover Llamas, the LOL agents are going undercover in the world of pop music. They are joining the band of pop idol Bruno Llamars, on his tour of Chickenlovakia. Elloise is a big fan of the singer and Phillipe is a little jealous.

In Rogue Llama, Phillipe, Agent 0011 has been framed for a crime he did not commit. He puts on a disguise and sets off to find the true criminal. Phillipe is being hunted by both friends and enemies, and as he investigates, thing begin to make even less sense. He starts to smell a rat, or maybe an old nemesis.

These League of Llamas books are short, fun, and easy to read. They are packed full of even more interesting and wonderfully flawed characters. The amusing spy references are sure to keep parents engaged, and the llama and other animal puns will leave kids howling with laughter as they follow the antics of Phillipe, Lloyd and Elloise. The fun black and white illustrations by Simon Greiner add to the reading experience.

The League of Llamas books are adventures that play brilliantly to the funny bones of young readers. Definitely recommended.

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