Tuesday 23 February 2021


Peta Baxter and Connie Hemmens are passionate and dedicated Early Childhood Educators who teach at a kindergarten in North Queensland and have approximately 20 years’ experience educating young children. Frankie Goes to Kindergarten, published by Ford Street Publishing, is their first book. They were inspired by their experience with a real kindergarten therapy dog and wanted to share this special story with everyone.

The book’s illustrator is Buzz Worder Marjory Gardner who says, ‘Frankie Goes to Kindergarten’ was an absolute joy to work on from start to finish. I was so lucky : An endearing story, a great hero, and a fabulous team to work with: authors (Peta Baxter and Connie Hemmens), editor (Nan McNab), designer (Cathy Larsen) and publisher (Paul Collins).

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