Monday 15 February 2021

The Lost Moustache

The Lost Moustache by Vikki Conley and Caterina Metti (Red Paper Kite Publishing) PB HB RRP $26.99  ISBN 978 0 674207

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

The Lost Moustache is a quirky, fun-filled picture book, as it entices the reader to join Frankie as she tries to find the rightful owner of a moustache.

The text is delightful, engaging, and reads aloud super well. The vocabulary extends the readers and their understanding of theatre and story. I particularly love the dress-up fun and imaginative play on each spread. The structure of questioning and answering works perfectly for this story. Child readers really do enjoy this type of structure. The storyline hooks the reader into wanting to know who really does own the moustache. This is revealed at the end of the story. Vikki puts alliteration and rhyme to great use, and this makes the story highly enjoyable.

The detailed illustrations dance with the words beautifully and take imaginative play to another level. The use of perspective adds to the theatre of the story, and multiple characters add movement and drama. I particularly love the use of a large shadow depicting a wild animal as a frightened character runs away. The unspoken interaction between the characters adds multiple layers of meaning. The illustrator’s use of rich hues enhances the setting and works well with her quirky style. The black and white spreads at the end of the book allow the reader to create and play for themselves.

The Lost Moustache is much more than a mystery as this unique book allows for such fun interaction with the reader. This is a picture book that suits a home, school, or library bookshelf. It is the type of book that a child will want to read again and again. It is suitable for ages 3 years plus.

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