Tuesday 11 May 2021

Apocalypse Kings


Apocalypse Kings, The Skulduggery Series Novella written by Derek Landy(Harper Collins Children’s Book) Paperback $4.99 ISBN 978 0 00844744                                      

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

Derek Landy is an international bestselling author who lives near Dublin. Skulduggery is a quirky, sharply dressed detective who features in this bestselling series that hooks readers with cliff hangers. In this novella released for World Book Day, Skulduggery returns and goes undercover in a Dublin school.

Adedayo is just like any other teenager until he discovers magic. He has led an ordinary life going to school, playing footy and being a lousy debater. But it seems he has inherited magic from his grandmother. He releases ancient gods from a prison box who are determined to destroy the planet and everyone in it. Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie arrive to enlist Adedayo’s help to save the day. Along the way Adedayo discovers much about himself.


Derek Landy has an easy way with words and this engaging story flows and intrigues. The theme of good fighting evil works well in a school setting. Adedayo is both likeable and believable as a character who the reader champions for. The language used at times is both funny and believable. We are so dead. There are a few clever twists at the end and the option for another book. The dialogue answers questions that the reader will want answers, too. I particularly love Skulduggery’s wit, charm and individuality. The character chemistry in this book works so well and gives the reader great laughs along the way. 

Apocalypse Kings shows us that things can change for you when you believe in yourself. Others treat you differently when you stand up for yourself and come into your own power. I believe that we are all continually learning this no matter how old we are.

This is a book that’s perfect for new readers, and diehard Skulduggery fans from 11 years onwards. It can be read as a standalone book so it is a great choice to introduce new readers to this series. Once a child reader gets hooked on the Skulduggery series they will have plenty of books to keep them reading.

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