Wednesday 5 May 2021

Vanessa Ryan-Rendall has a new book for children. It’s Bee Detectives, illustrated by Brenna Quinlan and published by CSIRO.

When Olivia and Hamish see a smoky haze coming from their local park, they're ready to spring into action! But it's not a fire – it's a nest of Australian stingless bees that needs their help.

Join Olivia and Hamish, two budding bee detectives, as they learn about the bees in our backyards. From Blue-banded and Teddy Bear to Carpenter and Leaf-cutter bees, discover how our native bees live, what they like to eat and the important work they do. This is a fiction picture book crammed with facts.

Bee Detectives, Vanessa Ryan-Rendall, Brenna Quinlan, 9781486313396 (

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