Thursday 20 May 2021

Eve’s Ducklings

Eve’s Ducklings by Maria Monte, illustrated by Emelie Wiklund (Bonny Books) HB RRP $26.99 ISBN 9780987513038

Reviewed by Nikki M Heath

We all know ducklings can be almost irresistible, especially to small children. In Eve’s Ducklings, we accompany Eve on her journey to discovering how to make friends with those adorable ducklings - and learn from her mistakes along the way.

The text delivers descriptive vocabulary and repetition for language development, as we follow Eve’s transition from overenthusiasm to restraint, which is ultimately rewarded.  The charming illustrations serve to provide an emotional connection to the characters as well as moments of gentle humour at Eve’s expense.  

Grandfathers are often overlooked in picture books, so it is wonderful to see a warm representation here. Eve’s grandfather demonstrates qualities that many will recognise in their own grandfathers: attentive but willing to let you test your boundaries, and probably laughing at you while he scoops you up from a fall. 

Toddlers and pre-schoolers will identify with Eve and might learn a thing or two about respecting wildlife. A lovely gift idea for involved grandfathers.

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  1. Thanks Nikki and Buzz Words for the wonderful review of my book. And I 100% agree with the observation that grandfathers are often overlooked in stories for young ones. I remember my Papou fondly and this book is a tribute to him. ❤️


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