Wednesday 19 May 2021

Human Kind: Resilience

Human Kind: Resilience, written by Zanni Louise and illustrated by Missy Turner (Five Mile) PB HB RRP $19.99 ISBN 978 1 922514011                                

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks 

This is a practical book designed to give strategies and understanding to help children develop resilience. It is a part of the successful Human Kind series that is designed to empower and educate children. Resilience is bouncing back from difficult moments and reaching out for help when you need it. Knowing and exploring your feelings helps you tap into being resilient.


Zanni Louise has a knack for writing informative text that is easy to read and understand. The start of the book introduces us to the culturally diverse characters who are inside the book. We then learn that to grow our heart it is important to be resilient. But first we need to learn what it is. Zanni introduces us to the little scenarios that Li Wei experiences and she simply explains how he deals with them. We then met Rosie and her birthday plans are changed due to rain. How she reacts and deals with the situation gives children strategies. The book then moves onto other characters and learning situations. Each spread makes a statement that is about resilience and then endeavours to explore it. The sentences are mostly short and simple to help the child reader easily absorb the information being shared. Lila is worried about Mina. Mina sits alone at recess. Zanni’s writing is tight with a firm voice that incites confidence in the reader. Her voice is quietly reassuring.


Missy Turner is the illustrator and her use of a brilliant blue cover is appealing and shows strength. The swirly, curly lines on the endpapers, depict the tangled feelings around Rosie. Missy creates lovely visuals of the children in their neighbourhoods that feel both normal and every day. The character movements and facial expressions are natural and different perspectives are used to great effect. Missy has taken much care with details, patterning and colour. The background colours vary but most are white which allows the actions and reactions of the children to be the focus.


Human Kind: Resilience, is a picture book that helps children develop their super powers in this world. For to be successful we most definitely need to be resilient and this is an important book. It is suitable for 3 years and up and is recommended for both parents and teachers to share with children.

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