Wednesday 16 June 2021

Marlow Brown: Magician in The Making

Marlow Brown: Magician in The Making by Kesta Fleming, illustrated by Marjory Gardner (Celapene Press) June 2021 ISBN 9781925572193 RRP $14.95

Reviewed by Claire Stuckey

Marlow and her family are at the showground enjoying all the entertainment when she notices Mervin the Magical’s show is just about to begin. Marlow enjoys the show, becoming more intrigued after she is chosen to assist Mervin to perform a trick. Her friend Felix and dog Rockstar watch the show and are impressed. At home she opens the magic show bag and soon starts performing tricks for her parents. Most do not go as planned, despite careful practice. Determined to succeed Marlow continues with new tricks providing dad with lots of laughs.

When the class talent show is announced, Marlow and Felix plan to amaze but deceive the class with a fake hypnosis. However, when her teacher starts “clucking”, and acting like a chicken Marlow needs to act fast. With lots of laughs and chaotic scenes this is a fun novel for young readers. Many children enjoy magic and Marlow takes on the challenge working hard with her Beginners Guide. The book points out the need to practice and learning by your mistakes but does not become overbearing. A few illustrations give reluctant readers a break from the text and add to the humour. In a second title for the author, Marlow’s adventures begun with Scientist in the Making.

This is an enjoyable read for children aged 8 plus years.


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