Saturday 19 June 2021

The Internot

The Internot by Josh Lawson Illustrated by Sofya Karmazina (Scholastic) ISBN 978 1 74383 506 7 RRP $24.99 HB

Reviewed by Nean McKenzie

The Internot is an apt name for this picture book about a girl who suddenly finds herself without wifi and what happens to her after this. Written by actor and comedian Josh Lawson, it’s a humorous, rhyming tale. Lizzy is someone young readers (and parents) can relate to, who loves being on her phone, ipad and computer a bit too much. The day the internet crashes she goes outside to try to fix it and finds a cat, a friend, and even begins to read books instead.

Illustrations show Lizzy as a character with a wide variety of facial expressions. These become more animated as she ventures further from the ‘world wide web’. The reader needs to suspend disbelief that Lizzy’s parents would let their daughter on the computer to that extent and that she doesn’t know what a book is. But it’s a cute story about her meeting the boy who lives next door and a very obliging cat (who doesn’t mind playing dress-ups).

The story deals with a familiar theme in most households of parents telling their children to go outside and get off the screens they are so mesmerised by. So, I imagine it will be a popular book to buy for many adults. The kids will enjoy the fun rhymes for example: ‘But Lizzie was so dizzy with each email, game and text …her one and only tizzy was which app to download next’. Maybe it will encourage kids to get off their devices and see the world more? Maybe even read some books? Let’s hope so!

Sofya Karmazina was shortlisted as a new illustrator on the CBCA awards this year for her book Ribbit Rabbit Robot. Along with his many acting and film making credits, this is Josh Lawson’s third picture book, after The Grumpy Field Mouse and Shoo Grumpers Shoo, part of a growing number of books by celebrity children’s authors. This latest one The Internot is an entertaining read for early primary children.

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