Thursday 10 June 2021

Tiger Warrior: Attack of the Dragon King

Tiger Warrior: Attack of the Dragon King by M. Chan (Orchard Books) ISBN9781408363089 PB RRP $12.99

Reviewed by Claire Stuckey 

Jack is busy with his computer games when his grandfather Yeye shares a special family secret including an ancient green disc featuring the Chinese zodiac. His grandfather has often shared Chinese folk stories but never how his father died. It is time Yeye informs Jack that he demonstrates his power as the Tiger Warrior, a role he now hands over to Jack.

They become surrounded by the creatures shown on the disc and Jack is instructed on the powers each animal controls through him. Overwhelmed, but amazed, Jack is told to visit the jade kingdom and acquaint himself with the people and introduce himself to the emperor.

However, since his grandfather’s last visit, the Dragon King has deposed and imprisoned the Jade Emperor leaving only his daughter Li to fight on. Jack must learn fast and use all his cunning to defeat the dragons and the Dragon King himself. Jack achieves this goal with the aid of the zodiac creatures and Li. 

This is a great action-packed chapter book especially for children fond of gaming. Good size font and black and white illustrations encourage reluctant readers. The first of a series young reader will enjoy this, returning with Jack for more adventures. Ages 5-8 years.

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