Tuesday 13 July 2021

Flight of the Kite: A Story about Persistence

Flight of the Kite: A Story about Persistence by Penny Harris and Winnie Zhou (Big Sky Publishing) PB RRP $16.99 ISBN 9781922265814

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

This illustrated book is part of an award-winning eight book series, Live and Grow, about two animals, Pinney, a hippopotamus, and Ginnie, a giraffe. All the animals in the series are illustrated and described in the first double page spread: they are Miranda Panda, Dodo Komodo, Lulu Kangaroo, Kevin, Kelly and Kylie Koalas, and Tao Tiger. On a windy day, these animal friends help Pinney and Ginnie make kites. Everyone makes a different kind of kite from a boat kite with three sails to a panda kite and more. In a great hurry, Pinney rushes out to fly his, but it quickly falls apart.

Friend Tao Tiger wisely suggests that Pinney take his time, be patient and steady and then he’ll be ready. More problems ensue for Pinney. Meanwhile all the other animals are flying their kites. Poor Pinney, back to the drawing board. Flying his kite, this time he tangles it with the other kites. Eventually, after more re-making, he succeeds in flying it.

This is a picture book about persistence and overcoming anxiety. It is written by an international award-winning animator and author and comes with a full animated video. Illustrations are full of action, in pale colours with use made of speech balloons.

The book is based on learning outcomes from Government Frameworks aligning with Social and Emotional Learning and is designed to stimulate lively discussion and deep thinking about social and emotional themes.



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