Monday 26 July 2021

The Wolf’s Howl

The Wolf’s Howl by AL Tait (Penguin) PB RRP $16.99 ISBN 9781761041792

This latest children’s novel by Australian author AL Tait taps into her passion for historical fiction and adventure. Maven and Reeve are recurring characters who appear in a series of mystery books written by Tait. Maven, a quick-witted 15-year-old lady’s companion, and Reeve, a squire with a secret, find themselves at the far-flung and gloomy Glawn Castle while Sir Garrick secretly searches for supporters of the rebellion. But when a cook goes missing and the Airl's personal guards take more than a passing interest in the disappearance, danger looms and the potential for discovery grows. Can Maven and Reeve solve the mystery . . . or will they be unmasked and sentenced with treason?

This middle grade fiction book is just right for younger readers who want a fast-paced adventure set in the past. Maven and Reeve are a good team who have many ups and downs, and together face disastrous predicaments.

The previous book in the Maven and Reeve mystery series, The Fire Star, was a CBCA Notable Book in 2021.

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