Saturday 31 July 2021

Toby the Rainforest Warrior

Toby the Rainforest Warrior by Ron Day (Morris Publishing) ISBN 9780 648878254 RRP $17.99 (PB)

Reviewed by Nean McKenzie

This junior fiction early reader is about two tree kangaroos called Toby and Charlie and their efforts to save the rainforest they live in from being cut down by humans. The text includes lots of descriptions of the trees, the fruits the kangaroos eat, and the other animals and birds which live in the forest. The reader follows the adventures of Toby and Charlie as they leap from tree to tree and put a plan into action. Pictures of the animals they meet, including a cassowary, a possum, a goanna, and an eagle are included at the ends of chapters.

Telling the story in third person from the point of view of Toby, much of the text is dialogue as Toby and Charlie tell each kind of animal or bird, they come across about the dangers facing their forest. There are action scenes when the tree kangaroos fall out of the tree, and almost into a raging river. Plus, there’s a nasty python and a dingo they have to escape from. There is even a happy ending for the animals when the Minister for Environment decides to stop the logging.

The author Ron Day is a published author of a series of textbooks and has taught for more than thirty years. His passion is teaching children about the importance of saving the environment. Toby the Rainforest Warrior is for early primary school readers from 7-10-years of age. 

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