Saturday 14 August 2021

Michaela Mason’s Big List of Camp Worries

Michaela Mason’s Big List of Camp Worries by Alexa Moses (Scholastic Australia) ISBN 9781743838754 RRP $15.99

Reviewed by Claire Stuckey

Michaela’s story continues after Michaela Mason’s Big List of 23 Worries.  She is now faced with the daunting prospect of school camp, avoiding the difficult task of telling her best friend Soo-min that she hates the idea of camp and especially the tree climb which is now one of the 24 items on her new list of worries. Once at camp the friends are separated, and Michaela is allocated a cabin with the pretty pose. Trying hard to fit in, she makes several attempts to hide her fears, attempts that fail, leading her into great embarrassment. Faced with the tree climb Michaela triumphs and enjoys the brief respite at the summit. With Soo-Min and Tiana singing at the camp talent night Michaela finally feels included and happy despite the bullies. Both Liam and Skye provide friendship in the last days of camp which brings the story to an enjoyable conclusion and a positive list “MM list of activities she’s good at”.

This is a book that explains the real fears that some children have every day, fears that become true anxieties with physical symptoms.  Michaela’s mother and teacher are aware that she needs to see the enjoyment in taking on new challenges. Set in Australia, this is a good, readable story with handwritten lists and doodles breaking up the text. It’s recommended for ages 8 plus.  

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