Tuesday 10 August 2021

Paris Takes Over the World: Paris

Paris Takes Over the World: Paris by Kyla May with Zanni Louise (Scholastic) PB RRP $14.99 ISBN 9781743837412

Reviewed by Nikki M Heath 

When your name is Paris, it’s inevitable that your favourite city will be the capital of France. And that the first time you visit, you will be bursting with excitement to see what adventures the city can offer. But 10-year-old Paris couldn’t have imagined that she would spend her first day in the city of Paris helping her new friend to find a lost puppy. As the search for the French Bulldog, Éclair, takes them across the city, Paris also gets to experience the best that it has to offer.

Famous sights, fashion, art, pastries, and fun - this travelogue with a difference gives young readers a genuine feel for the wonders of the city of Paris. With the mystery of the lost dog driving the narrative, there are no opportunities to get bogged down in descriptions. Paris and her local friend Amelie are engaging characters, helping to keep the sights, sounds and tastes relatable for a young audience.

May’s comic-style illustrations are colourful, with many vignettes peppered throughout the text to help keep reluctant readers motivated. There’s also a healthy dose of humour provided by Paris’ hapless chauffeur Henri, the only adult in the story. 

In this book you will find a nostalgic romp through Paris for those of us lucky to have visited before, and a wonderful introduction for those yet to have had the privilege. Fuel for everyone’s dreams of an open world.

A particular joy for young girls, dog lovers and Francophiles, this is great fun for 7- to-11-year-olds. Keep an eye out for further instalments in the series.

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