Wednesday 22 September 2021

Real Magic


Real Magic by Ash Magic (Penguin) PB RRP $19.99 ISBN 9781761043925

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

With a sub-title Tips, Tricks, TikTok and Totally Good Vibes, this is a book written by 19-year-old Australian magician Ash Hodgkinson, known as Ash Magic. Ash suffers from anxiety and ADHD, but he has overcome these to become a world-class stage performer and online viral sensation. On Tik Tok he has over 6.6 million followers and has videos have received over two billion views in the last 12 months.

Real Magic contains (coloured) personal photos and anecdotes with insights into Ash’s story and the philosopher behind his success. Full pages in his book are devoted to sayings, such as ‘Be You! You’re Awesome!’, ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Light Shine’, and ‘Be Kind to Yourself.’ The ‘real magic’ in the book is not only the magician tricks which Ash shares, but it is also positive vibes. From an early age, he says, he always felt different and didn’t fit in. However, he says, ‘thanks to my messy mind, I came up with some weird and wonderful stuff!’ Ash writes about ways in which the reader can beat anxiety; for him, what helped was becoming successful at card and other tricks.

All through this attractively designed and presented book are tips on all kinds of things, from how to do magic tricks, making friends, coping with freaking out, finding what is unique about you, discovering things you like, and much more. What shines through on every page is positivity, bringing good-vibes mindset in the reader’s mind. All this is enhanced by the numerous photographs, graphics and sub-headings – all in colour – which appear throughout the book.

At this time of Covid and lockdown, Real Magic is just the right book for any gloomy child aged 9+ years. Recommended.

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