Monday 27 September 2021

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton by Anita Croy (EK books) HB RRP $24.99 ISBN 9781925820690

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

This is one of six books in the series Scientists Who Changed the World. It begins with a biography of Newton and how he changed the world: he is famous for creating the foundations of modern science and our understanding of how the universe works with a remarkable range of discoveries. This amazing man discovered gravity, wrote the three Laws of Motion that form the basis of modern physics, and figured out a new type of math, called calculus. He said that his major contribution to improving our knowledge of the world was his ability to be patient and think things through slowly and thoroughly.

Newton, the book says, lived at a time when European astronomers were openly challenging Aristotle’s ideas. He started to work on a type of math he called ‘analytical geometry’. He was also interested in mechanical philosophy, which defined the universe as a vast and complex machine in which all the separate parts worked together. Newton became the greatest scientist since the Italian Galileo Galilei, building on his work with a new approach.

This book aimed at readers aged nine and upwards, is visually attractive with frequent use of photographs and graphics against coloured pages with numerous headings and sub-headings. The information is presented in a straightforward, clear manner with more than just information about Newton. It also includes a timeline of break throughs from 1600 to 1720. The man’s laws of motion and gravity governed how scientists saw the universe until the start of the twentieth century. Physicists such as Albert Einstein took physics then in new directions that required new laws.

The fascinating book includes a glossary and more information such as books and websites, as well as an index. This is certainly a valuable resource for young readers.



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