Sunday 3 October 2021

Kid President Totally Rules!

Kid President Totally Rules! by Jack Heath, illustrated by Max Rambaldi (Puffin Books) PB RRP $17.99 ISBN 9781760976095

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

Australian author Jack Heath has obviously been inspired by recent American politics judging from the content of his latest book. He asks the question -- what if a kid becomes President? After being sworn in to the position, Jaxxon starts issuing the types of ‘royal decrees’ every kid dreams of.  Somehow, he has accidentally been elected to rule as the first ever Kids President. Like any kid (or adult) with power, he has big ideas. Immediately, he declares free ice-cream in every school, homework to be made illegal, and all national parks to become skate parks.

Also, within moments of being appointed President, Jaxxon has changed his town’s name from Buttock to the United States of Buttkick and appointed his dog as his Secretary of State. Events zoom on in this fast-paced, action-packed Americanised story. The adults around Jaxxon –including his parents -- are shown to be imbeciles while the boy takes total control. Unsurprisingly, not everybody is happy about the new changes he’s implanting, and they show they are willing to do just about anything to kick him out of office.

The publisher states that, ‘if you like David Walliam’s books, you’ll love Kid President Totally Rules!’ This second stand-alone comedy from award-winning author, Jack Heath, is a lengthier story for slightly older readers aged 9+ years.

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