Sunday 17 October 2021

The Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub

The Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub Volumes 1&2 by Gillian Wells (Shawline Publishing Group – Playtime Books) ISBN  978 1 922594 29 7 RRP $19.95

Reviewed by Kathleen Grace

These books contain stories about Bub, a grey pony and Tub, a black and white dog who live on a cattle station with Emily and her younger brother Jim. All the animals, including another horse called Trixie, a kangaroo called Mr Roo and a kookaburra called Kookie can talk to one another. They are portrayed as being cleverer than the humans and usually save the day in each adventure.

Volume one’s stories include the kids riding around, exploring waterholes, camping, and visiting cousins at the beach. They also play circuses and go to the zoo. Volume two continues as the children grow older. Jim’s Granny teaches him to eat vegetables, they go to a dog show and Jim and his pony alert the family to a bushfire. Emily goes off to boarding school and there’s the introduction of a new puppy called Masie and a new pony called Sunny.

The sepia tinted photos on the covers suggest times gone by and there are hand-drawn illustrations (mostly of dogs or horses -- or wombats!) at the beginning of some chapters. Previously published for adults, The Amazing adventures of Bub and Tub are author Gillian Wells’ first children’s books.  

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