Sunday 14 November 2021

Shalott books by Felicity Pulman

Books from Australian author Felicity Pulman are Shalott: Into the Unknown ISBN 9781922389602; Shalott: Dangerous Magic ISBN 9781922389626; and Shalott: End Play ISBN 9781922389640.  Available from all online booksellers.

#1  Five Australian teenagers set out into the unknown to rescue the ‘Lady of Shalott’ and to save Camelot. Instead they find themselves caught up in the illicit love affair between Guinevere and Lancelot, the intrigues of the court, and the ambition of the magical Morgan le Fay. Will they find the courage to survive fire and plague and be able to find their way home? What Callie finds in Camelot will break her heart, while all of their lives will be changed forever.

#2  Is Lev still in Camelot – or did he die in the fire? Can El survive the plague? And can Callie undo a death – or will she cause another? As Callie vies with Guinevere to win Lancelot’s love, and the Old Ways clash with the new, the ambitious Morgan le Fay weaves her dangerous magic. When the teenagers are caught in the crossfire, death awaits them all.

#3   Will Callie have the courage to face her true quest – and can she trust the treacherous Morgan le Fay to help her? Cast adrift from all she knows, Callie needs to find a way to save herself before she can rescue her sister and friends from the last deadly battle between King Arthur and Mordred.  As past and present collide, can Callie find a way forward, when everything she ever wanted seems lost?

Praise for the Shalott trilogy: ‘In this extraordinary trilogy Felicity Pulman shows both her understanding of the Arthurian legend, of the Shalott story, and a rich and imaginative capacity to expand and explore its deep meanings for today’s teenagers. This is an unsettling, unusual, intriguing and moving series, rich in character, action and mystery, full of the atmosphere of Arthurian legend, yet without falling into the trap of mere retelling.’ Author Sophie Masson.

    ‘I know that both I and my students hold the series with affection. You managed to capture so many themes. The place of sibling rivalry, challenging gender stereotypes, self-determination, and the magic and meter of a poem that has been considered a classic. You reimagined a narrative poem in such a way that inspires young writers to build intertextuality in their own writing. We love your work.’ Juliette Bentley, teacher, writer and innovation advocate. Adobe Master Teacher, Adobe Creative Educator and Certified Google Innovator.  (Juliette also mentioned that this series is ‘provocative’!) 

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