Monday 20 December 2021

Little Pago

Little Pago by Lauren Briggs (Boolarong Press) RRP $19.99 ISBN 9781922643001

Reviewed by Wendy Haynes

Little Pago is a story about teeny tiny turtle who loves to be busy exploring his home in the shallow reefs. His days are spent with his many friends, riding waves, playing hide-and-seek, and reading in the coral library. All this activity makes Little Pago hungry and he soon goes in search for food.

But danger lurks in the water with Little Pago finding objects that just don’t belong in the ocean.

This educational story for 2 – 6 year olds highlights the amount of plastic still found in the ocean and how it affects the ocean life – but it also shows with kindness how we can help keep our sea creatures from harm.

The illustrations continue the story with a soft welcoming palette of blues, creams, and coral colours. The reader learns about the typical diet of a turtle and how easily it can be to mistake it for plastic floating in the ocean.

It reminds use to do our bit for our environment.

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