Wednesday 22 December 2021

Madness in the Mountain

Madness in the Mountain  by Jarrod Jones, Illustrated by Lacey Bellette (Playtime Books) RRP $12.95  ISBN 9781922444912

Reviewed by Wendy Haynes

When Hunter’s father announces the family is leaving the city to live in the mountains, Hunter doesn’t like the idea at all. While his brother Demetre marvels over the landscape and wildlife, all Hunter wants is to return to the city.

But before long Hunter starts to enjoy the stillness and quiet of the mountains and animals they live amongst, and routinely feeds the King Parrots. He is happy until the cockatoos move in. They name the leader of the cockatoos Brian and it isn’t long before they muscle in, scaring the other birds away and gnawing at everything in sight and splattering the family with poo.

This fun picture book for children 8 years and over, continues with the family against the cockatoos who have the last laugh outwitting Hunter’s dad. Then Hunter comes up with a plan and looked at ways to live with nature.

The illustrations are bold and colourful and add to the pesky antics of the cockatoos.

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