Thursday 9 December 2021

School of Fish: Frozen Fish

School of Fish: Frozen Fish by Louis Shea (Scholastic) PB RRP $15.99 ISBN 9781761122743

Reviewed by Nikki M Heath

A super-scaled school trip to Antarctica for the students of Shipwreck Primary results in the perfect opportunity for some intense playground rivalry in icy surroundings. The core group of aquatic protagonists (a fish, a shark, a dolphin, and a scampi) meet new friends, explore fresh surroundings and exchange banter while fending off the gang of mean fins and saving their host school from disaster.

This is a full-colour graphic novel with incredible detail and some truly stunning undersea-scape panels. The dialogue is natural and humorous, and the well-chosen font and formatting makes for easier reading than some graphic novels.

A simple schoolyard story in a novel setting with brilliant execution, this book will be fun for lower-to-middle primary students. Don’t make the mistake of recommending it only to reluctant readers - this is swimmingly good fun for everyone.

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