Wednesday 19 January 2022

Chatterpuss in Deep Water!

Chatterpuss in Deep Water! by Josh Pyke, illustrated by Daron Parton (Scholastic Australia) HB RRP $17.99 ISBN: 978176112089

Reviewed by Dannielle Viera

Chatterpuss is back, and Glenn still can’t get a moment of peace. The hen decides that ‘a place to go with no commotion’ is beneath the ocean – surely Chatterpuss can’t talk under water? But she has forgotten one very important thing: hens can’t swim! Chatterpuss tries to save Glenn, but she can’t swim either. Fortunately, as she shouts and gargles, Chatterpuss begins to make bubbles that carry the two friends back to shore.

In his second Chatterpuss book, singer–songwriter Josh Pyke adds a wave of watery hilarity to the odd-couple friendship between a chatty cat and a quiet hen. Kids aged three to seven will adore the rollicking rhymes interspersed with Chatterpuss’s manic monologues, as well as the page-turning action. They’ll come away from the book with a clear understanding that sometimes a so-called negative trait can be a blessing in disguise.

Utilising a bright palette, Daron Parton’s cartoon-like illustrations perfectly match the cheerful tone of the text. The contrast between the ginger cat and the deep blue sea is particularly eye-catching, and littlies will giggle every time they see Chatterpuss’s googly eyes pop out of the pages.

Chatterpuss in Deep Water! is a flood of fun from start to finish. As youngsters bob along, enjoying the story, they’ll learn to celebrate the idiosyncrasies that make people unique, and the generosity of spirit that defines a true friend.

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