Sunday 16 January 2022


by Josh Pyke, illustrated by Daron Parton (Scholastic Australia) HB RRP $17.99 ISBN: 9781760976491

Reviewed by Dannielle Viera

‘Chatterpuss will talk all day, with nothing much of note to say.’ Poor Glenn puts up with her feline friend ruining their games of hide and seek, their birdwatching expeditions and their trips to the library, all because Chatterpuss is constantly talking. One day Glenn has had enough and tells Chatterpuss to ‘hush!’, so the cat leaves her alone. But before Glenn can enjoy the silence, a bully called Graham starts mocking her for having no friends. Chatterpuss comes to the rescue, gabbing at Graham from everywhere until he is completely dizzy and defeated.


An award-winning singer–songwriter, Josh Pyke ensures that his quirky rhyming story has a musical quality when read aloud. Kids aged three and older will love the juxtaposition of the two very different friends, and how they manage to find common ground. They will also adore the hilarious stream of consciousness that emanates from Chatterpuss as she explores the world around her with great wonder. 

Daron Parton’s brightly coloured illustrations will attract youngsters and keep them glued to the spreads. His dynamic, googly-eyed characterisation of Chatterpuss adds a whimsical layer to the story, and contrasts beautifully with the quietude of Glenn’s brown roundness.

Sure to elicit plenty of giggles from littlies as they turn the pages, Chatterpuss is a fun tale about the nature of true friendship. It offers a gentle nod to the understanding, compromise and acceptance required to maintain any close relationship.

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