Sunday 30 January 2022

Look What We Can Do! A Competition!

Look What We Can Do! A Competition! by Candy James (Harper Collins Children’s Books) ISBN 978 1 4607 6082 6 RRP $16.99 HB

Reviewed by Nean McKenzie

In this third book in the Archie and Reddie series, Look What We Can Do continues with the adventures of the two fox friends. They notice an advertisement for a Talent Show and decide they want to enter, to raise money for a wagon (which would help them carry all their library Books).  But what are they going to do in their act? Starting with a simple dance, they add ideas one by one, until they’re doing something impossible and bound to fail. Going back to their original idea, they realise the main thing is to have fun. They finish with third place and a small wagon.

Bridging picture books and chapter books, this early reader graphic novel uses humour and engaging characters to move the story along. Full of action, Archie and Reddie are depicted dancing, roller skating (with helmets on), playing music (drums and ukulele), juggling soccer balls, balancing fruit on their heads and singing jokes. All at the same time. It’s no wonder there’s bit of a crash landing at the end. Movement is clearly shown in the illustrations along with some descriptive words (Zwip, Zwoop, Swish, Fwling, etc).

The story highlights friendship, using imagination to solve problems and working together – all good things to focus on for young readers. The characters are always positive about each other, even when things aren’t going quite as planned. And there are a couple of plays on words to add to the general funniness. The story is ended by a performance of the ‘Foxy Friends Swish’.

Candy James is a husband and wife team (Candy draws and James writes) from Ballarat. Information about them and their website is included on the end pages. Like their previous stories, Look What We Can Do! A Competition! is suitable for early primary school students.

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