Tuesday 25 January 2022

Restoring Destiny

Restoring Destiny by Elaine Ousten is a fantasy/coming-of-age story of teen romance, magic, evil and a fight to save a life and right the wrongs of yesteryear.

Torn from their cloistered world, pursued by troops, Rais and Kanda battle the elements of an unknown world and struggle to develop their emerging magic powers. Their mother is to be executed at the next full moon by the evil ruler who invaded their world. Only they can save her, take back the land, and free the imprisoned King and their father.

With a guide and 2 teens, they travel through a tunnel in the Mountain of Dread, battling the life-threatening elements, to find the only man who can help them.

But unexpected danger comes from one they trusted.

From the review by award winning author, Aleesah Darlison: ‘Impeccable from the first page, Restoring Destiny is a deftly written high fantasy adventure novel. The characters are strong, fierce, and relatable and the story is packed with action and surprises. Get set for a remarkable ride!’

Another review and the first chapter are on the book’s page on Elaine’s website: Restoring Destiny - Elaine J Ouston Author

Elaine Ouston is a published author of many books. They include picture books for young readers, chapter books, and popular novels for middle grade readers. She has recently added a young adult fantasy novel to that list.

Many of her books have an educational theme. Her MG series, The Mystery of Nida Valley is a fantasy series that features the unique animals from the Australian Megafauna era. Two of the picture books also feature these animals. Barben’s Magic Quest focuses on saving the forests to save the environment.

Elaine has a Master of Letters in Creative Writing and teaches writing to adults and children. She also edits for other writers. You can obtain more information on her website: www.elainejouston.com.

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