Wednesday 5 January 2022

Rise of the Mythix – Legends Unite

Rise of the Mythix – Legends Unite by Anh Do, illustrated by Chris Wahl (Allen and Unwin) ISBN 978-1-76087-906-8 RRP $15.99 (PB)

Reviewed by Nean McKenzie

Book four in the Rise of the Mythix series, Legends Unite, throws us right into the action from the first page, with a battle against Cerberus, a three headed dog. The Mythix from the first three books – the golden unicorn (Kelly), the minotaur (Minh) and the griffin (Jimmy), win the skirmish and hop on a freight train to Capital City. Accompanied by Stanley, they go to Jimmy’s brother’s house to hide out from their enemy William the Collector. But then he makes the moon disappear by ‘painting’ it and they must work together and quickly to avoid worldwide disaster.

Very fast paced, this story requires knowledge from the other books in the series, although some explanations are included at the start. For instance, early on the story Kelly heals injuries with her power and listens to the thoughts of the train driver, which demonstrates her abilities. The three Mythix have super strength and power but they’re still teenagers. There’s a bit of competition between the boys for Kelly’s attentions (when they have time to draw breath between the action scenes). And there’s some friction between Jimmy and his brother, who remembers he was never the ‘special’ one. 

Scattered on each page throughout the book are comic artist Chris Wahl’s lively black and white illustrations which show the attractive main characters complete with wings, horn, and muscles. Onomatopoeic sound effects such as POW! CRACK!  and PHWOOM! also add visual drama to the storyline.

Anh Do has written several other series of books for the middle-grade audience, such as Wolf Girl, Skydragon, E-boy and more. This latest book will be followed by a fifth in the Rise of the Mythix series, coming soon.

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