Tuesday 22 February 2022

Books by Elizabeth Egan

Darcy, the Farm Foxie (illustrated by Sally Wilson), was my first children’s book. Prior to that I self-published an adult fiction, Sun on Distant Hills, which is set between the 1920s and 1950s in different areas of NSW against a backdrop of The Depression and WWII. Several hundred copies were sold around the state, many with the support of a bricks and mortar bookshop in Goulburn, now sadly closed.

In 2019 I published a novel suitable for fifteen years of age and up titled My Real Life – A Remade Man. It is the story of a medical student, Andy, who suffers a catastrophic injury that changes the course of his life. Abandoned by family and friends, he finds himself in a hostile environment with very different abilities to what he formerly possessed. Andy is drawn to good allies and remakes himself into what he believes is a better person than he was on course to become. The story is set in Sydney and the Lower Hunter region in the early 2000s.

An agent requested the full text after initial contact, but I heard nothing further (in contradiction of the website’s undertaking). Again, I self-published. With the support of an ASA program, copies of the book are held by distributor, John Reed Books, and by myself – in fact about 300 copies!

In 2021 I self-published a second children’s book, Oscar and the Rock Rumblers. The story is a tribute to the spirituality of the landscape of the Southern Tablelands of NSW. It is expressed through the connection of a young boy and his grandfather, a farmer. Together, they communicate with the Ancient Spirits that live in the giant hilltop boulders and learn secrets of evolution and nature, and why we must look after the Earth. Illustrated by Wayne Davies. Again, no luck with agents. However, I published through Ingram-Spark so the book is available through standard outlets should anyone know to ask for it, or on-line.

Sales of my books are limited by absence of any publicity machine. I have no social media accounts or web page. The process of publishing through I-S was quite an adventure for this senior, non-techno writer. I must say that they and the company who prepared the print-ready files were supportive and quick to respond to queries. I send copies of my books to anyone who might do a review, and to relevant competitions.

My other writing is in bush poetry, flash fiction and short stories. I have won awards in these fields.

Some of Elizabeth’s books are stocked by tourist outlets in Crookwell and Goulburn or can be obtained from the author (elizabeth.egan3@bigpond.com).

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