Saturday 19 February 2022

The Unfunny Bunny (A HARE-larious Easter Tale)

The Unfunny Bunny (A HARE-larious Easter Tale) by Adrian Beck, illustrated by James Hart (Puffin Books) HB RRP $17.99 ISBN 9781761043093

Reviewed by Kathleen Grace                                                                                                                       

‘This most EGG-cellent Easter story will have the whole family laughing out
loud,’ the publisher says in its publicity blurb. Told in rhyming verse, it tells of a girl who decides everyone needs a bit of laugh when it’s raining, and they’re all stuck in the beach house over Easter. So, when she catches the Easter Bunny sneaking into the beach house, she can hardly contain her excitement: she'll make her family's egg hunt EGGS-tra funny! Dressed in a bunny suit, she follows the Easter bunny as it drops off eggs in Gran’s garden, the henhouse, on books in the pool, and other zany places.

The illustrations, cartoonish and bright, are amusing, for example, accompanying the quatrain, ‘Pop’s on a health kick, Which he finds unappealing, So we placed all his eyes Up high, near the ceiling’, there’s a drawing of Pop reaching up to the ceiling fan from his gym mat. The two egg distributors bury eggs in a Liv’s sandpit, even placing a few eggs in Dad’s underpants.


Full of Easter and egg puns (such as EGG-sausted, EGG-sactly, Egg-stremely) and pranks, sniggers, and smiles, this joyfully illustrated picture book celebrates family and fun: it's sure to be read year after year by children who still believe in the Easter bunny.

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