Thursday 17 February 2022

Under the Moonlight

Under the Moonlight by Susannah Crispe (author-illustrator), Hachette Australia (due 27 April 2022).

Meet Moose, an enormous, brave and solitary moose, with nothing to fear. Unfortunately for Moose, his tranquil sleep is about to be shattered by a fright in the night. Follow Moose as he shows great bravery in facing his fears and investigating the source of the night-time fright.

Under the Moonlight started from a simple rhyme I made up while chatting to my husband after a trip to Scandinavia. It started with 'under the moonlight, a moose got a fright' and after rewriting it several times over several years and whispering different versions of it to my sleeping baby, I finally had a story.

During my writing process, I started painting a few character sketches and shared them on Instagram. I noticed a publisher from Hachette had 'liked' them, so once my manuscript was polished, I sent her a message and she invited me to submit it directly to her. 

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