Thursday 24 February 2022

Zoo Crew Book 1

Zoo Crew Book 1 by Guy Edmonds & Matt Zeremes Illustrated by Peter William Popple (Scholastic) RRP $15.99 ISBN 9781760976569

Reviewed by Wendy Haynes

This graphic novel, the first in this humorous series for children 6 – 10 years old, is a quick and fun read. It’s witty and full of puns. The cast are introduced at the beginning of the book with some fun facts and are -- you guessed it -- animals. This story in narrated by Gus the Guinea Pig and is set at Bazooglyville Primary School. The story explores teamwork and having each other’s back, friendship, and understanding, rivalry and how to respond to it, and competitiveness and how cheats don’t always prosper.

It's the day of the annual school carnival with three teams competing. Eddie he’s an elephant, Mabel she’s a mouse, and Princeton he’s a very clean pig, are in Team Red. This year they want to bet Team Blue who cheated last year and won - Echo the eagle, and Mumu and Mario are Meerkats.

The day takes some unexpected twist for both team with the Novelty Race the decided. The authors and illustrator have meshed this story together with the humorous addition of funny side-stories and laugh out loud illustrations.

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