Saturday 12 March 2022

Olivia Stone and the Call of the Carnival

                                                            The third book in Jeffrey Doherty’s Guardians of St Giles middle                                                               grade series,

Olivia Stone and the Call of the Carnival
, was released on the 7th March.

Is there a connection between the Dark Carnival’s arrival in Haven, and the spate of strange sightings and missing pets across the city?
The guardian magic, that lends twelve-year-old Olivia her strength and lets her see in the dark, is slowly turning her to stone. Olivia knows monsters are real, she has the scars and nightmares to prove it. She fights them at night while her parents think she is tucked-up safe in bed.
Together with Yip, the tiny grotesque and Glori, a wingless grave sprite, she has outsmarted a hoard of malevolent trixies, and crushed an infestation of magical spiders. Now, the three unlikely guardians are about to face the most dangerous monster of them all.
They will not be able to win this fight alone.

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